Clients in Action


Subaru has long been involved in various professional off-road and rallying events such as the annual X-Games. While the X-Games reach thousands through TV viewership, Subaru was eager to piggyback on the excitement of this event to form a deeper connection with owners and brand enthusiasts. By working with AE, the idea of WRX games was born. AE created a free, festival-like event in California that provided an edgy, fun and free way to celebrate the Subaru owner lifestyle and help launch the new Legacy GT. Attendees were treated to a show and rides on a Gymkhana course from Subaru’s X-Games professional drivers, including DC Shoes’ Ken Block. Fans also took their turn at driving dynamics behind the wheel of the new Legacy GT. The event was an overwhelming success that helped reinforce brand loyalty with hundreds of happy consumers and received rave reviews from media covering the event.