Clients in Action


Dunlop, a global tire brand with an excellent reputation among performance car enthusiasts, started a Drivers Cup event in Europe to showcase its racing heritage and broad tire line. After the initial launch of the U.S. Drivers Cup, Dunlop enlisted AE to redesign and manage the event, which included site selection, course design and driving exercises; vehicle selection, management and maintenance; on-site safety programming, instructional support, staffing and collateral development. In planning, AE was careful to focus on the true star: Dunlop Tires. AE selected multiple vehicles for the company’s product specialties and designed unique car, motocross, off-road, karting and rally driving experiences for consumers, dealers and media that clearly demonstrated excellent tire performance. Even when persistent rain caused some of the course elements to be unusable, AE was able to adjust on the fly so that the event came off seamlessly. At the conclusion of the event, Dunlop thanked AE for exceeding their expectations and “taking the event from kindergarten to graduate school.”